Chronological Index of Pre-Blog Trips

I post about map areas when I visit them for the first time since starting this blog, and talk about what I did there. However, when an area is one that I’d also been to before starting this blog, I’ll not only talk about what I just did there, but also mention previous times I’ve visited it. This Index lets you walk through my past in the order that it happened rather than the order in which I posted about it, and also lets you, in cases when a past trip visited multiple map areas, get it as a connected story.

Trips are ordered chronologically in terms of when in the past they happened. Within the sections for trips, posts are ordered chronologically in terms of the internal order that the maps were visited on that past trip, so that this index will allow them to be read as connected stories once all the relevant maps have been posted.

This list does not include every time I’ve posted a comment or picture about a time when I was in a map in the past, only ones that seem significant enough to be called “trips”. I may not be very consistent in this regard.

(Obviously this index ends in December 2017, when I started this blog, as trips after that can just be worked out from my chronological-by-time-of-posting List of Posts.)

Note that blog posts are named for the most prominent place in the map area that I visited when doing the trip that I primarily posted about, not the previous trips. So, for example, OL43: Hexham is so called because I went to Hexham in January 2018 when I posted about the map, but is listed on this page for the Holy Island Trek in summer 2016, when I didn’t go to Hexham at all. Therefore in some places below I’ve noted the actual place visited, after a dash.

Firstly, the posts about places where I have lived:

223: Northampton, where I lived full-time from 1996 – 2012, and outside university terms until the present.

180: Oxford, where I lived in 2012-2015 during my physics degree.

209: Cambridge, where I lived from 2015-2018, and from 2019-present.

225: Histon & St Ives, where I lived from 2018-2019, is waiting for me to write it

Sometime in 1996, family holiday to Lowestoft

Summer 2001, a cousin’s wedding

April 2003, holiday in Scotland with Lovely Uncle, Guacamole, Fashionable Cousin and their family. Drove up and stayed in a cottage on the Black Isle, a few trips out.

Sometime October-December 2005, trip to Mountfitchet Castle with school

~9th April 2007: family holiday to the Norfolk Broads, with the Dearest Progenitors and Rice

24th May 2007: school trip to Walsingham

January 2009, trip to Shropshire with my parents, Geochunderer, Joystick, Climbing Programmer, and one other friend, for my 14th birthday.

26th August 2009, trip to London as tourists for the day with Cabbage and Geochunderer

January 2010, trip to Shropshire with my parents, cousin, Cabbage, Geochunderer, Climbing Programmer and Joystick, for my 15th birthday.

16th – 18th April 2010, photography course in Berkshire.

20th July 2010, shopping trip to Milton Keynes with Cabbage.

12th – 15th July 2011, assessed Duke of Edinburgh expedition to Snowdonia, with Joystick, Climbing Programmer, Geochunderer, and others.

20th – 26th August 2011, trip to the Lake District with the Dearest Progenitors and Joystick.

4th – 6th December 2012, trip to Aberdeen to visit Geochunderer

27th March 2013, trip with Geochunderer, Climbing Programmer and Cabbage to visit Mr Tickle in Bedfordshire.

24th – 27th June 2013, camping trip to Snowdonia with Little S, No Longer Hairy, and Big Coat.

10th – 15th July 2013, driving trip around Scotland with the Dearest Progenitors and a visiting cousin. Lake District, Fort William, Lewis, North Uist, Edinburgh.

16th – 29th August 2014, driving trip around Scotland with my school friends, Cabbage, Climbing Programmer and Joystick, with Geochunderer joining us for a few days. Edinburgh > the Uists > Skye > Fort Augustus, with various day trips.

28th February 2015, trip to Cambridge with the Oxford Tolkien Society for the annual inter-Tolkien-Society Varsity Quiz

27th – 29th July 2015, trip to Scotland with Father Dearest, looking at cottages in the Highlands and Islands; the trip that led to us getting our Harris cottage.

7th – 11th December 2015, trip to Harris with the Dearest Progenitors, when we had just bought our cottage and were going up to furnish it. Drove up with Mother Dearest in a car full of furniture, while Father Dearest met us there.

28th – 29th September 2015, trip to Ex-Linguistician’s home in Dorset with Little S, No Longer Hairy and Unicorn.

24th June 2016, wedding of an Oxford friend in London

12th –14th August 2016, Nine Worlds convention in London

15th – 18th August 2016, trip to Harris with the Dearest Progenitors and two cousins

21st August – 11th September 2016, the “Holy Island Trek”, travelling from Lindisfarne to Iona, about half of which on foot, with Vesper, Millicent, and for the first week also Erithacus and Queenie.

2nd – 5th January 2017, trip to Wetherby, Harrogate, York and Edinburgh

6th – 8th January 2017, ASNaC Society Trip to Durham, Hadrian’s Wall and Lindisfarne.

26th June – 6th August 2017, Ancient Greek course at King’s College London (and then Nine Worlds convention).

7th – 11th August 2017, trip to Harris with Joystick and Cabbage.

28th October 2017, MCM London Comic-Con with Erithacus and Vesper.