336: Biggar

OS Explorer map 336, Biggar & Broughton Culter Fell & Dollar Law – I own this map, but had not visited it before starting this blog. Visited for this post 12th July 2021. This is the last of six posts about my trip to Wanlockhead in Dumfries and Galloway with my school friends, including time I spent in Northumberland and the Scottish Borders alone on the way there.

Google Maps location link: The Crown Inn, Biggar

My previous post told you of the several days I spent on holiday in Wanlockhead with my school friends Cabbage, Joystick and Climbing Programmer. While we spent most of that holiday in and around our holiday cottage, chatting, playing the Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game, and going out for short local walks, we did get significantly out of Wanlockhad on one evening, which I’ll tell you about presently!

Attentive readers may recall that Cabbage, Joystick, Climbing Programmer and I don’t make up the whole of our school friendship group: our final member Geochunderer was unfortunately unable to join us for this holiday. However, since he lives in Glasgow, not all that far away from where we were staying, we arranged to have dinner together: for this purpose, we booked a table at a pub in Lanarkshire town of Biggar, and drove over there one Monday evening. I’m sure Biggar has many charms, but I admit that on this occasion we chose it entirely for its location, around halfway between Wanlockhead and Glasgow!

Central Biggar – probably not the prettiest view in the town, but we didn’t do any exploring so this is the best I can do!

We met up in the Crown Inn as planned, and spent a pleasant evening catching up over a meal. I, had some “vegetarian haggis bonbons” in tomato sauce for starter, which were very nice!

Geochunderer and Joystick at dinner in Bigger that evening. This day was not, it has to be admitted, the pinnacle of my photographic career.

That… was sort of it, really. We had a nice evening, and nice food, then after a couple of hours went off our separate ways, Geochunderer to Glasgow and the rest of us back to Wanlockhead for the rest of our holiday. I’m afraid this post is a rather anticlimactic end to the little series of posts about this holiday, but there you have it – if you need some more excitement in your life, you can just go back and read the previous ones again!

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