List of Posts with Descriptions of Content

My main List of Posts is just that, a chronological list of the posts I’ve done on this blog, with just the names of posts listed. This list is more detailed, including a short description of the contents of each post.

The beginning! Or, how this thing is going to work.published 11th December 2017. My first post, in which I introduced my new blog.

209: Cambridgevisited 11th December 2017, published 13th December 2017. A day in Cambridge, where I live. Hidden keys, slushy car parks, mead horns, graduation and punting.

194: around Hertfordvisited 12th December 2017, published 14th December 2017. Going to visit Millicent at his home, with Queenie, Vesper and Erithacus. A grumpy cat and some post-optimal snow.

173: London (North)visited 13th December 2017, published 15th December 2017. Shopping on the way to see Star Wars with Cabbage and Joystick. Forbidden Planet, Happy Socks and TfL Rail; Ancient Greek, cosplay and fourteen-year-old me in a silly hat.

162: London (Stratford)visited 13th December 2017, published 16th December 2017. Seeing Star Wars with Cabbage and Joystick. Star Wars, Star Wars, MCM London, and Star Wars.

223: Northamptonvisited 15th December 2017, published 19th December 2017. My first few days at home for the Christmas holidays. A Christmas tree, a Christmas pie and a Christmas pudding. Also a one-photo-a-year tour through my life, Darth Vader, and a very detailed reconstruction of the days leading up to the 29th September 2015 based on my text message history.

26th December 2017 – 3rd January 2018: Trip to Harris via various bits of Scotland,  with parents

322: Lockerbievisited 26th December 2017, published 29th December 2017. Christmas day at home featuring some very jazzy clothes, then macaroni cheese, concrete sheep, Google location tracking, and the Ukranian Prisoner of War Chapel.

OL52: Glenshee and Braemarvisited 26th December 2017, published 29th December 2017. Buying maps, a horn shop, and snow arrives.

OL58: near Tomintoulvisited 27th December 2017, published 29th December 2017. Snow, snow, Scottish placenames and Gaelic, and snow.

OL61: Grantown-on-Speyvisited 27th December 2017, published 29th December 2017. Vehicular mishaps, snow, car repairs, and the Wee Puffin.

428: Torridonvisited 27th December 2017, published 30th December 2017. Deer, collars and ties, and a rainy walk.

411: Skye – Cuillin Hills visited 29th December 2017, published 31st December 2017. Snow defeats our walk and nearly our car, and the eternally exciting prospect of chicken curry.

455: South Harris visited 29th December 2017, published 1st January 2018. Sheep in bus shelters, pizzas, and New Year’s Eve. My family’s Harris cottage, which we visit rather frequently, and which is the reason why Scotland’s maps are getting filled in a lot more quickly than the rest of the country’s…

456: North Harris visited 1st January 2018, published 1st January 2018. Cows, deer, and Norse-Gaelic loanwords. Also just the most amazing views, really.

392: Fort Williamvisited 2nd January 2018, published 2nd January 2018. Mixing up dates, buying boots, and medieval toilet humour.

323: Gretna Green visited 2nd January 2018, published 3rd January 2018. Closed Chinese restaurants, curry, and the word “arse”.

324: Bewcastlevisited 2nd January 2018, published 13th January 2018. Fluffy cat, the Bewcastle cross, and Oreo cows.

4th – 8th January 2018: ASNC Trip to Argyll

271: Newarkvisited 4th January 2018, published 14th January 2018. Just a McDonalds and a Sainsbury’s, I’m afraid.

289: Bardseyvisited 4th January 2018, published 16th January 2018. An Anglo-Saxon church, squirrels and wonky carrots.

OL43: Hexhamvisited 4th January 2018, published 18th January 2018. A wood-burning stove, microwave meals, and a failure to go to the pub.

343: Hamiltonvisited 5th January 2018, published 20th January 2018. A supermarket stop, and thoughts about route planning.

342: Glasgowvisited 5th January 2018, published 25th January 2018. The full group meets up – early medieval stone carving and the tragic tale of a car breakdown.

358: around Kilmartinvisited 5th January 2018, published 3rd February 2018. A hugely long post telling of castles, chapels, walking, driving, abandoned villages, hair-braiding, stargazing, and Chinese takeaway. Also the Cave of St Columba, Cow Byrhtnoth, and “The Comm”. And my car falls into a ditch.

305: Escombvisited 8th January 2018, published 4th February 2018. A most wonderful 7th-century Anglo-Saxon church!

299: Boroughbridgevisited 8th January 2018, published 4th February 2018. A pub lunch.

180: Oxfordvisited 17th February 2018, published 27th February 2018. The Oxford Tolkien Society banquet. Onion tart that looked like a pizza, and snapshots of my Oxford student days – a French film crew, College cellars full of stained glass, and a fish on my head.

192: Milton Keynesvisited 18th February 2018, published 28th February 2018. Went to the gurudwara for a memorial service. Eight-, thirteen- and fifteen- year old me.

172: Maidenheadvisited 24th February 2018, published 10th March 2018. Going to Unicorn’s house to visit him, Ex-Linguistician and No Longer Hairy. Currywurst and a bacon, cheese, spinach and mushroom cake.

25th March – 2nd April 2018: Trip to Harris with my parents, coming back via Skye and Mull

212: Woodbridge – visited 5th May 2018, published 30th June 2018.

211: Bury St Edmunds – visited 17th June 2018, published 1st July 2018.

195: Saffron Walden – visited 22nd June 2018, published 2nd July 2018.

196: Bures – visited 24th June 2018, published 4th July 2018.

210: Steeple Bumpstead – visited 24th June 2018, published 7th July 2018.

226: Milton & Ely – visited 25th June 2018, published 30th July 2018.

5th – 22nd July 2018: Trip to Harris with Cambridge friends, coming back via Galloway

12th–13th August 2018: Trip to visit Erithacus in Aberystwyth

208: St Neots – visited 3rd September 2018, posted 30th November 2018.

227: Whittlesey – visited 12th September 2018, posted 9th December 2018.

One year on! (2018 review) – posted 17th December 2018.

233: Leicester – visited 7th November 2018, posted 2nd January 2019.

168: Malmesbury and Stroud – visited 26th December 2018, posted 7th March 2019.

OL9: Exmoor – visited 26th December 2018, posted 15th March 2019.

245: near Ashby-de-la-Zouch – visited 31st December 2018, posted 11th April 2019.

251: Cley & Blakeney – visited 16th February 2019, posted 31st December 2019.

236: West Lexham – visited 18th March 2019, posted 24th April 2020.

29th – 31st March 2019: “Gerald of Wales” trip with Vesper, Erithacus and Millicent

224: Irthlingborough – visited 19th April 2019, posted 24th January 2021.

25th – 27th May 2019: “Chase Game” with Climbing Programmer

10th – 14th August 2019: walking trip from Kinbrace to the Crask Inn with Hueler

229: Thetford Forest – visited 22nd September 2019, posted 4th May 2021.

252: Bacton – visited 27th September 2019, posted 15th May 2021.

OL40: Norwich & the Broads – visited 29th September 2019, posted 31st May 2021.

197: Ipswich – visited 2nd October 2019, posted 14th June 2021.

432: Dingwall – visited 9th October 2019, posted 26th June 2021.

OL41: Clitheroe – visited 22nd November 2019, posted 4th July 2021.

203: Ludlow – visited 28th December 2019, posted 25th July 2021.

217: Church Stretton & the Long Mynd – visited 29th December 2019, posted 15th August 2021.

231: Ringsfield & Beccles – visited 8th January 2020, posted 11th September 2021.

230: Eye – visited 19th January 2020, posted 12th September 2021.

7th – 10th February 2020: Trip to North Yorkshire with Vesper, Millicent and Erithacus

OL45: the Cotswolds – visited 21st February 2020, posted 20th November 2021.

25th – 27th February 2020: company retreat

235: Thorney – visited 12th February 2020, posted 5th March 2022.

184: Mersea Island – visited 11th July 2020, posted 13th March 2022.

OL1: Langsett & the Dark Peak – visited 2nd August 2020, posted 19th March 2022.

OL57: Aviemore – visited 13th August 2020, posted 24th March 2022.

340: Lindisfarne – visited 28th August 2020, posted 26th March 2022.

212 again (for real this time): around Sudbourne – visited 14th December 2020, posted 27th March 2022.

30th April – 5th May 2021: trip to Dorset with Vesper, also meeting Mother Dearest

308: Durham – visited 8th May 2021, posted 8th April 2022.

9th – 14th July 2021: trip to southern Scotland to meet Cabbage, Climbing Programmer and Joystick

OL21: South Pennines (around Haworth) – visited 12th August 2021, posted 28th May 2022.

288: Bingley – visited 12th August 2021, posted 29th May 2022.

370: Lomond Hills – visited 24th September 2021, posted 6th June 2022.

337: Peebles – visited 24th September 2021, posted 12th June 2022.

228: Littleport – visited 3rd October 2021, posted 14th June 2022.

26th – 30th December 2021: trip to Herefordshire and Monmouthsire with the Dearest Progenitors

307: Tow Law – visited 3rd January 2022, posted 11th July 2022.

OL31: North Pennines – visited 4th January 2022, posted 12th July 2022.

152: Newport & Caerleon – visited 11th February 2022, posted 16th July 2022.

155: Bristol & Bath – visited 13th February 2022, posted 17th July 2022.

437: Strathpeffer – visited 3rd April 2022, posted 21st July 2022.

124: Hastings – visited 15th April 2022, posted 22nd July 2022.

OL24: the White Peak – visited 30th April 2022, posted 14th August 2022.

250: Hunstanton – visited 2nd June 2022, posted 20th August 2022.

290: York – visited 11th July 2022, posted 27th August 2022.

OL36: Tenby & Llawhaden Castle – visited 22nd July 2022, posted 28th August 2022.

OL35: North Pembrokeshire & St Davids – visited 22nd July 2022, posted 29th August 2022.

225: Histon & St Ives – visited 25th June 2018, posted 10th September 2022, after postponing for a few years.

16th – 26th September 2022: All Line Rover trip around Britain on the train

Note: the eleven posts about each day of the trip provide a continuous narrative. The individual map posts below primarily repeat content from that first series, covering only parts of the trip where I was visiting a map area that hadn’t previously featured on the blog. The map posts do, though, add details of what I did on any previous visits to the areas (before I started the blog).

OL29: Isle of Wight – visited 20th October 2022, not yet posted.

255: The Berwyn – visited 12th November 2022, not yet posted.

190: Great Malvern – visited 26th December 2022, not yet posted.

170: Wantage & Wallingford – visited 1st January 2023, not yet posted.

174: East London & Epping Forest – visited 14th January 2023, not yet posted.

249: Sutton Bridge & the Wash coast – visited 14th April 2023, not yet posted.

261: Boston – visited 15th April 2023, not yet posted